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Video v0.2 Beta

:: release

By: Leif Andersen

Today we are announcing the first stable beta for Video. To install it, you can first install Racket, and then run:

raco pkg install video-testing

Alternatively, within DrRacket, go to File -> Install Package, and type in video-testing.

Either way, make sure you installed video-testing, the video package points to the latest stable build of Video, which is v0.1.1 at the time of this release.

The documentation for this version can be viewed on the Racket documentation website. Unlike with the Alpha builds, the documentation has been updated to reflect the new version. As such:

Video v0.2-beta is now mature enough for programmers to reliably use it without segfaults.

The above sentence is significant because it means Video is now one of the most stable open source video production tools available.

You can also download the source code for the build directly on Video’s github project page.

We would also like to thank David Christiansen and Benjamin Chung for their extensive use and testing of Video.

A detailed list of changes can be found in the source code’s LOG file, and are listed here:

  • Documentation Improvements to match the v0.2 API.
  • Create stable/testing/unstable(master) branches.
  • Fix deadlocks with the player, also solves sever segfaults
  • Increased stability of Video (it no longer seems to segfault).
  • Add infrastructure to lift ffmpeg logs into Racket logs (require libvid), disabled for this release.
  • Audio works in live preview
  • Introduced concept of merge for multitrack, replaces transition
  • Transitions now only appear in playlists.
  • Add CI testing for windows builds
  • Add initial opengl bindings for windows. (The Racket ones don’t)
  • Add legacy opengl support (for opengl v2.1+)
  • Remove now deprecated MLT bindings.
  • Fix many bugs related to multitracks and the way it processes transitions
  • Fix concurrency bugs with live player.
  • Reintroduce most of the unit tests from the v0.1 build.
  • Add video/version to track the version more accurately than Racket’s info.rkt system.
  • Add video-log and ffmpeg-log to print out debug messages. ffmpeg-log not yet hooked up.
  • Fix a few minor bugs preventing Video from running on Windows and Linux. We have now tested it on all three platforms.
  • Initial work on live preview. The player has now been updated to show the video in the player window. Additionally Video can now seek video outputs (as well as inputs).