There are currently two variants of Video, stable and testing. We highly recommend using testing, as the stable branch is old. (The testing branch will be merged into stable in the coming months.)

Install Testing (Recommended)

On Windows and macOS, you can download Video directly within Racket. On Linux you also need to install FFmpeg.

Step 1: Download Racket

Download Racket

Step 2: Download Video

Option A: Install in DrRacket (Recommended)

Open DrRacket and go to File -> Install Package

Installation Step 1

In the dialog box that pops up, type video-testing. Note the '-testing', if you miss that the wrong package will be installed.

Installation Step 2

And that's it. You can also press F1 for documentation.

If you have added Racket to your $PATH, you can install Video by typing in:

raco pkg install video

Install Stable

We highly recommend installing Video's testing build. The latest build of the stable branch requires manual library installation.

Currently Installing Video stable is a three step process. First you need to install Racket; then, you need to install MLT; and finally you can use Racket to install Video.

Step 1: Download Racket

Download Racket

Step 2: Download MLT

Download MLT

Step 3: Download Video

First ensure that raco is in your $PATH, and then run:

raco pkg install video